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serenity :)

i figured that i kinda miss being at my opah's house.
so i recently stayed there for 4 days and i found myself really at peace. not a second did i think about that particular somebody cos at home, i constantly have been especially during nights alone in my room --' gahhh (!)

basically all i did was play around with three cute little monster cousins of mine and help tutor my other 5th former cousin who actually stays with my beloved opah. frankly i miss being around alot of people as i m kinda like an only child at home ever since abang went to australia and i h
ave to say, days get REALLYYYY lonely at times. meanwhile at opah's house, its the total opposite.

all i did there was play play play and eat icecream. a trip to the nearest shop is a must everyday with my little cousins after they come back from school for an icecream treat :)

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