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busy busy week

its been a looooongggg time since i've posted something new. welll besides being lazy, i've been attending program pendedahan kerjaya seorang doktor for 5 long days under jpa before i go into an interview for jpa's scholar.

sure does sound interesting, but honestly it was just okay. nothing that interesting. doctors were too busy to chit chat so we walked around in groups and i was in group D, the last group. oh, i was assigned in hospital serdang,
by far the coolest hospital i've ever been to. it happens to be a 'paperless' hospital so everything is based on IT. we went around visiting the forensic dept, O&G (wad bsalin), pediatric (my fav), clinics, wards, every single part of the hospital. most o0f the docs were busy but some were kind enough to entertain us. i.e Dr. Azril. he's an MO. a young, unmarried, handsome, graduated from ireland MO. need i say more? haha ok, i have a little crush on him :DD

anyway, the program was to introduce to us how a doc's life is so we wont regret being a doc or even quite during the stressfull housement life. well EACH AND EVERY doctor said that being a doctor is indeed a stressfull and tiring life. plus a non-social one too. it depends on how far u are interested in it. after a few days, a few ppl from the program decided to change courses, excluding me. a doctor even said that doing medic was his biggest mistake ever! frankly, i've been living with a doc my whole life and i am positive that if i like doing what i do, i'll survive.

so i've made up my mind. medic it is ! :)
oh and ada this one guy yg i couldn't keep my eyes off haha.
snapped this picture curi curi haha

ttfn :)


  1. suke budak2 ke? i know u'll become a good doc . best of luck !

  2. tulah tapi from the side pun handsome kan? haha
    oh yes kero, i like children :)

  3. haha nape atai? ni lah gaya org takde boyfriend :D tgk laki tak pandang tmpt lain heee