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maturity, i guess .

i don't know why but lately i've been having this insane obsession towards anything vintage.
vintage bags, clothes, shoes, pictures, anything !

so i was browsing the net when i saw a picture of this shop and what can i say, i went GAGA ! :D

i'm on my sem break now. yeah, 6 weeks break baby !
but tuesday i have my speaking and listening fr MUET.
and the sucky thing is, they actually want MATURE speaking and writing. like no funny witty things. just serious boring stuff. aaaaaaa ! i'm not good at that. i only love writing like heartfelt or funny essays. well what the heck. theres always a first fr everything right ? now i just wish miss zil (the bestest english teacher ever) were here to guide me. i miss her classes :)

atleast band 5 please .
okay then. i'll see write you when i see write you .

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