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no no i didn't abandon you :)

my last post was in june ? gaaah thats like 3 months ago
well actually i havent been up to anything much just basically catching up with college and going up and down that so-called 'batu caves' in pucak alam just to go to my lectures every freaking day

batu caves babay

next week i'll be having my finals and i guess i really and i mean extremely have to do well cos my first and second tests weren't all that great.

tapi boleh pulaaaaak buat finals lepas raya kan. mcm mana nak study bila asik duduk terbongkang makan rendang watching all those raya movies. open houses lagi. gaaah ! memang tak lah kan

but i'll just have to put my best foot forward and rock my finals. buat buat pandai je kan . i'm desperate to get my 4.0 flat to pursue medic. please God . insyaAllah :)

wish me luck. cheerios :)